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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Why wont my Mac Garageband song 'Save As' an Archive Song File?

To answer this question I'm using a classic track Black Magic Woman by Santana which I found as a midi file on the internet.

I've created a new Garageband Song and using the fixed1t software instruments, I've laid out the tracks with a view to converting the song to play on an iPad.

As I have created the song using only software instruments 'they are the green tracks', then Garageband knows their are no real instruments, samples or audio loops in the song and will not let you 'Archive' the song, and the Archive Project tick box is greyed out.  You can only do a standard Save.

In order for a Mac Garageband song to 'Save As' an 'Archive Project' song file, you need to ensure that you have a least one sample, real instrument or loop in one of the tracks.

Now when you select Save As the 'Archive Project' tick box is active and can be ticked and the Archive saved, I usually add the word 'arc' to the end of the filename so I can identify archived song projects. 

Once you've Archived a project the tick box becomes inactive.

In order for the 'Archive Project' tick box to become active again the audio samples and loops will need to change.  My usual trick is just to delete the loop I added from the Blue Real Instrument track and add it again.

Once I have the Archive Project I can use the fixed1t converter to convert it for the iPad and import it into the iPad and Play it with the right instruments.

Mac Garageband - Black Magic Woman Converted and Running on the iPad 4

And here is an iPod Touch 5th Generation composite, kindly sent to me by one of my users Robert Thompson

Mac Garageband - Black Magic Woman Converted and Running on the iPod Touch 5th Generation

If you haven't checked out my showreel and other fixed1t software videos on You Tube then please do.

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Thanks fixed1t


  1. I use the converter on my Mac to convert to my iPod Touch 5 and it works flawlessly. The new GarageBand Fixed1t software instruments are great, Using them I can compose a piece in GarageBand on my Mac save as an archive. Convert it, save it to iTunes,GarageBand App then open it on my iPod and work on it where ever. Great Job Fixed1t!
    Thank you.

    1. Robert, Thanks for the comment and for testing my Mac Garageband fixed1t software instruments and Black Magic Woman and the screen snapshot composite, it looks great.

      Very Best
      Malcolm ( aka fixed1t)


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