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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Can I wifi midi my iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch to my Mac PC?


Absolutely, I do it all the time and its built into the mac for free hiding in the Utilities Folder in the Applications Folder.

To do it you

Open the Audio Midi Setup

Under the Window pull down menu you select   show midi window

In the Midi Studio Window you double click on the purple Network icon

This brings you up a Midi Network Setup window

Now go to your synth or midi App on the iPad e.g. I used the brilliant Arturia iMini and select the midi 5 pin din at it will pop up with

Network Session 1   switched on

If you now go back to Midi Network Setup window

You'll see in the lower right directory window that your iPad Name is listed

Click the + in the My Session above

Session 1  will appear tick the box

Connect is highlighted below in the directory window click it.

now set the network session in and out as per the picture and your ready to go

Open your midi app on the Mac  and play it and the iMini will sound the notes.

If you have iPad Midi Monitor

opening the app will show session 1 active and notes you play will control synths on your mac, If you have mac midi monitor open it and you will see the notes being played.

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