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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Fixing or Repairing the Garageband 8 bit Song Error

"fixed1t Garageband Song 8 Bit Error Fixer"

Mac Garageband song files can be afflicted by the dreaded 8 Bit Bug error, which can occur at random in audio files recorded using Garageband and stored within the Garageband song files. This 8 Bit bug is caused by faulty settings within the 'm4a' sample or effect media files within the Garageband song. 

The 8 bit error was brought to my attention by a user of my Garageband Mac To iPad + Mini iPad File Converter and the error messages and quite unequivocal as can be seen from the iPad screen dumps below.

Always one for a challenge, I analysed a number of faulty songs for customers and repaired some valuable large files, but timing consuming and does not always produce an effective fix. 

Therefore I created the "fixed1t Garageband Song 8 Bit Error Fixer" and using it couldn't be simpler.   Unzip the zip file and the folder above at the top of the file appears.  Open the folder and it will contain the ‘RT fixed1t Garageband Song 8 Bit Error Fixer’ and the rtf readme file.

To this below, I have added my own broken test file.

Double Clicking on the ‘RT fixed1t Garageband Song 8 Bit Error Fixer’ program will pop up a dialogue box asking you to Choose an 8 bit damaged Garageband Song file, select it and Choose it. The example here is file ‘sat_18_feb_arc’ a Mac Garageband archive file.

After a few seconds a new folder will appear with the name of the file with ‘ _backup’ appended to it . The example here is the  ‘sat_18_feb_arc_backup’ and inside it is the m4a file which has been moved and replaced, this is your original faulty sound file. In this example the faulty file is ‘model.m4a’ a famous Quasimidi Polymorph demo file made into an entire song by Kraftwerk.

The song should now be fixed and should re-open in Mac Garageband. It can now also be converted to iPad format using the:

fixed1t Garageband Mac to iPad 2, iPad 3 & iPad mini Converter

Please note the song is much bigger as the original file had to be upscales the WAV in order to fix the problem, but I haven’t noticed any difference in sound or performance.

The program works remarkably well, its Another fixed1t Solution.  It’s that simple.

The software can be tried or purchased from the fixed1t website at:

This program was created as part of the fixed1t suite of Apple Garageband helpful tools to ensure that composers can concentrate on composing rather than file editing.

This is a major timesaver of a program, and I hope you enjoy it.

As with all software, I have taken care to test the software but accept no liability for loss or damage from its use, by using the software you agree to indemnify me from any claims arising from the use of the software.  As with all software, the responsibility for backing up your files before running the software is yours and is always the safest bet with any creative software.

Please let me know if you find this useful and report any bugs too.

If the damaged to your file means that the Garageband will no longer open at all on the Mac or iPad then it is going to need more serious work.  I am happy to correspond with users to help recover the damaged files.  If you feel you'd like to discuss you audio file issue pop over to my

fixed1t Audio File Recovery Service

blog and drop me an email.

Thanks fixed1t

Thursday, 4 April 2013

fixed1t Audio Samples Data Lister

Another fixed1t Solution

"fixed1t Audio Samples Data Lister"

This program performs a really useful function of allowing the user to select a folder of Mac audio or sample files which are then analysed and a scrollable list is generated highlighting key data in the file.  It has been tested with AIFF, WAV, CAF, MP3 and 44A audio files and all display their key data.

The lister was created to get over the problem of taking samples from a Mac 'generally big endian files' and transferring them to a PC or a hardware sampler that only understands 'little endian sample files.

To set up the converter, double click on the zip file, this will create a new folder with the converter inside.

To use the converter, double click on it, it will then ask you to select a samples folder:

 and will then display the results in a scrollable dialogue box:

 it is that simple and quick.

Here is a youtube video showing the lister in use:

You can request a 3 day trial version from my website at:

Cheers fixed1t