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Thursday, 25 July 2013

fixed1t software running on 10.6 - 10.8

Hi, I was asked by a user if the fixed1t software was compatible with Mac OS X Mountain Lion (version 10.8). Like a number of fellow musicians running excellent legacy ppc software that has not been ported to the intel platform, I've stayed with Mac OS 10.6 for compatibility. However, I download a copy of 10.8 from the App Store and installed 10.8 as a clean install on the remainder of the disk. I'm pleased to announce that all of the fixed1t software tools worked perfectly. My software is compatible with 10.6 - 10.8. Regards fixed1t

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

fixed1t music software: Mac Garageband to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch SALE...

fixed1t music software: Mac Garageband to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch SALE...: Hi, A number of my US users asked if I could round the prices into USD as my UK pounds pricing led to odd amounts appearing in the purchas...

Mac Garageband to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch SALE


A number of my US users asked if I could round the prices into USD as my UK pounds pricing led to odd amounts appearing in the purchase.  I'm happy to oblige.  While I was doing it, I thought wouldn't it be nice to reduce the prices for the summer school holidays to give customers a chance to make the most of their iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch    " At Band Camp "      ;-)

So this fixed1t sale is until 31st August 2013:

$20 USD - fixed1t Garageband Mac to iPad, iPhone and iPod Converter

Your Email Address

$25 USD - fixed1t Garageband Mac to iPad, iPhone and iPod Converter

Your Email Address

If you haven't check out the showreel video and some of my other videos please do, you wont be disappointed.

The fixed1t converters software now come with specially modified  'fixed1t software instruments' and instructions on how to install them in Mac Garageband.  This collection of software instruments enable you to archive and convert your Mac Garageband songs and have the same instruments play on the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

If you doing your own manual conversion, then create a few bars of guitar midi tracks using the standard Mac Software Instruments, Export 'manually' to the iPad and have a listen.... oops lots of pianos.

With the fixed1t software instruments, what you select is what plays on the i-Device be it guitar, strings, bass, synths, drums..

Once you've tried it manually, check out this video, It's a wee bit long but well worth watching. Please like it if you find it useful.

Thanks for looking fixed1t

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Can I wifi midi my iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch to my Mac PC?


Absolutely, I do it all the time and its built into the mac for free hiding in the Utilities Folder in the Applications Folder.

To do it you

Open the Audio Midi Setup

Under the Window pull down menu you select   show midi window

In the Midi Studio Window you double click on the purple Network icon

This brings you up a Midi Network Setup window

Now go to your synth or midi App on the iPad e.g. I used the brilliant Arturia iMini and select the midi 5 pin din at it will pop up with

Network Session 1   switched on

If you now go back to Midi Network Setup window

You'll see in the lower right directory window that your iPad Name is listed

Click the + in the My Session above

Session 1  will appear tick the box

Connect is highlighted below in the directory window click it.

now set the network session in and out as per the picture and your ready to go

Open your midi app on the Mac  and play it and the iMini will sound the notes.

If you have iPad Midi Monitor

opening the app will show session 1 active and notes you play will control synths on your mac, If you have mac midi monitor open it and you will see the notes being played.

If you use Garageband then please check out my  other garageband entries, you wont be disappointed.

Please check out my showreel and other Garageband Videos at the fixed1t youtube page:

If this is useful please like it and leave messages.

Thanks fixed1t

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Why do all Mac Garageband software instruments turn into pianos on the iPad iPhone iPod Touch

I've created a new video:

I start the video by showing that the Mac Garageband standard software instruments are not compatible with the instruments on the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch running IOS Garageband,

Having shown the issue the video goes on to show how the new fixed1t custom Software Instruments allow a high level of compatibility as I create a Bach Concerto in Mac Garageband using strings and port it successfully to the iPad.

I finish the video with a midi version of Black Magic Woman I created in Mac Garageband and converted, this which shows that the fixed1t software instruments contain:


I hope you like the video, it really shows the flexibility and speed of using the converter, along with the fixed1t Mac Garageband Software Instruments are a great combination.  You wouldn't want to be doing it manually.  Would You? ;-)

Here is the video:


Saturday, 6 July 2013

Why wont my Mac Garageband song 'Save As' an Archive Song File?

To answer this question I'm using a classic track Black Magic Woman by Santana which I found as a midi file on the internet.

I've created a new Garageband Song and using the fixed1t software instruments, I've laid out the tracks with a view to converting the song to play on an iPad.

As I have created the song using only software instruments 'they are the green tracks', then Garageband knows their are no real instruments, samples or audio loops in the song and will not let you 'Archive' the song, and the Archive Project tick box is greyed out.  You can only do a standard Save.

In order for a Mac Garageband song to 'Save As' an 'Archive Project' song file, you need to ensure that you have a least one sample, real instrument or loop in one of the tracks.

Now when you select Save As the 'Archive Project' tick box is active and can be ticked and the Archive saved, I usually add the word 'arc' to the end of the filename so I can identify archived song projects. 

Once you've Archived a project the tick box becomes inactive.

In order for the 'Archive Project' tick box to become active again the audio samples and loops will need to change.  My usual trick is just to delete the loop I added from the Blue Real Instrument track and add it again.

Once I have the Archive Project I can use the fixed1t converter to convert it for the iPad and import it into the iPad and Play it with the right instruments.

Mac Garageband - Black Magic Woman Converted and Running on the iPad 4

And here is an iPod Touch 5th Generation composite, kindly sent to me by one of my users Robert Thompson

Mac Garageband - Black Magic Woman Converted and Running on the iPod Touch 5th Generation

If you haven't checked out my showreel and other fixed1t software videos on You Tube then please do.

If you find this useful please give it the thumbs up or leave a comment.

Thanks fixed1t