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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Mac Garageband to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch SALE


A number of my US users asked if I could round the prices into USD as my UK pounds pricing led to odd amounts appearing in the purchase.  I'm happy to oblige.  While I was doing it, I thought wouldn't it be nice to reduce the prices for the summer school holidays to give customers a chance to make the most of their iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch    " At Band Camp "      ;-)

So this fixed1t sale is until 31st August 2013:

$20 USD - fixed1t Garageband Mac to iPad, iPhone and iPod Converter

Your Email Address

$25 USD - fixed1t Garageband Mac to iPad, iPhone and iPod Converter

Your Email Address

If you haven't check out the showreel video and some of my other videos please do, you wont be disappointed.

The fixed1t converters software now come with specially modified  'fixed1t software instruments' and instructions on how to install them in Mac Garageband.  This collection of software instruments enable you to archive and convert your Mac Garageband songs and have the same instruments play on the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

If you doing your own manual conversion, then create a few bars of guitar midi tracks using the standard Mac Software Instruments, Export 'manually' to the iPad and have a listen.... oops lots of pianos.

With the fixed1t software instruments, what you select is what plays on the i-Device be it guitar, strings, bass, synths, drums..

Once you've tried it manually, check out this video, It's a wee bit long but well worth watching. Please like it if you find it useful.

Thanks for looking fixed1t

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