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Sunday 7 July 2013

Why do all Mac Garageband software instruments turn into pianos on the iPad iPhone iPod Touch

I've created a new video:

I start the video by showing that the Mac Garageband standard software instruments are not compatible with the instruments on the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch running IOS Garageband,

Having shown the issue the video goes on to show how the new fixed1t custom Software Instruments allow a high level of compatibility as I create a Bach Concerto in Mac Garageband using strings and port it successfully to the iPad.

I finish the video with a midi version of Black Magic Woman I created in Mac Garageband and converted, this which shows that the fixed1t software instruments contain:


I hope you like the video, it really shows the flexibility and speed of using the converter, along with the fixed1t Mac Garageband Software Instruments are a great combination.  You wouldn't want to be doing it manually.  Would You? ;-)

Here is the video:


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