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Thursday 4 April 2013

fixed1t Audio Samples Data Lister

Another fixed1t Solution

"fixed1t Audio Samples Data Lister"

This program performs a really useful function of allowing the user to select a folder of Mac audio or sample files which are then analysed and a scrollable list is generated highlighting key data in the file.  It has been tested with AIFF, WAV, CAF, MP3 and 44A audio files and all display their key data.

The lister was created to get over the problem of taking samples from a Mac 'generally big endian files' and transferring them to a PC or a hardware sampler that only understands 'little endian sample files.

To set up the converter, double click on the zip file, this will create a new folder with the converter inside.

To use the converter, double click on it, it will then ask you to select a samples folder:

 and will then display the results in a scrollable dialogue box:

 it is that simple and quick.

Here is a youtube video showing the lister in use:

You can request a 3 day trial version from my website at:

Cheers fixed1t

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