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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Mavericks WARNING - No Archiving with Mavericks Free Garageband Due To New File Format

Sadly the new free Garageband with Mavericks uses a complete different file format which is instantly identified and rejected by the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch 4th or 5th Generation.  

Picture - Maverick Free Garageband Running Black Magic Woman 

Also the software instruments are in a completely new format and aren't cross compatible after modification with the iDevice Garageband.

Even saving and manually editing the file causes the loading on the following message:

I will be taking a closer look at this over the next few weeks.  The good news is:

Garageband 11 will install and work in Mavericks

Picture - Mac Garageband 11 version 6.0.5

So a coming new release of the fixed1t Garageband Converters means that fixed1t users can continue to share their Mac Garageband Projects and Songs between their Macs and their other iDevices.


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