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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Fixing iTunes Error - 45054 dont have enough access privileges

One of my fixed1t software users did an update which included iTunes with a view to moving to Mavericks.  He then went to open iTunes to test it out but it totally refused to work and displayed the following dialogue:

You do not have enough access privileges for this operation
Clicking OK then brought up the following Dialogue:

An unknown error occurred (-45054)
He asked if I could kindly take a look into it and I have 'Another fixed1t Software Solution.

Looking at the relevant iTunes files and associated files and folders I spotted that the Users folder was missing an innocuous System Folder named Shared that needs to be present in the Users Folder.

Screen capture of Users folder - No Shared folder is present

Given that iTunes and other Applications and Processes use this folder to hold and share privileges, amongst other things, I set about to replace it.

As this is a System folder it isn't simply a matter of right clicking and adding a new folder called Shared in the Users folder.  To do this, you have to do a little bit of Unix coding using the free Apple Terminal Program.

Terminal in found in the Utilities folder which is within the Applications folder:

Open the terminal window and type in the following Unix command mkdir to make a new Directory Folder within the Users folder and press Return:

sudo mkdir -p /Users/Shared/

If you have the Users folder open on the desktop it should now look like this:

A Shared folder should now be visible.  However, this isn't the end of the job. The permission on this new folder will not allow iTunes to use it.  To make the folder fully accessible your use the Unix Command chmod to and set it to the folders permissions and privileges to 1777 (if your running Mac OS 10.6 as I am here).  If your running Mac OS 10.5 use the code 777)  These codes give the shared folder a kind of 'Universal Donor' status so it can be used by other programs and processes, sort of permissions to all.

So at the Terminal Prompt now type:

sudo chmod 1777 /Users/Shared

After pressing Return, the job is done and you can quit the Terminal.

When you go back to the Applications Folder and open iTunes it should now spring back into life with the errors gone, it worked for me.

As with all system fixes, it would be advisable to logout and log back in again to see if it still works.  If it doesn't rebuild and fix the disc permissions.

I'll do another blog about that shortly.

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Thanks fixed1t

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