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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Mavericks - Free Garageband in the App Store Requires In App Purchase - No Archive Facility

Great news for all of you who have never used Garageband, with Mavericks you get not only a free OSX but a free 'cut down' version of Garageband.

This version has a limited numbers of Apple Loops in the various categories, and like a lot of users with Logic I have a lot of loops.  So I've spent the last few hours creating aliases of my apple loop folders and replacing the Apple loops folders with Aliases, then re-indexing.

Here's my black magic woman test file

It worked a treat.... I'm not paying extra for in app add on purchases I thought.

So then I set about looking into loading my old software instruments, as there are very few of them in the Free Garageband.  I thought no problems a quick few aliases in the right place and they'd all be there.

Wrong.. Apple have done away with the CSV instrument files...  So I realised after a satisfying few hours I was going to have to hit the dreaded in app purchase, too my surprise it was £2.99 for all the sample Jam packs I'd paid a kings ransom for and all the software instruments.

It's a no brainer, brilliant.  But as you will see in my coming blogs this Free version has serious limitations.  But its a great way to play solo composer on your mac.

Get Mavericks, get the Free Garageband and pay the £2.99 LOL  That's 9 gig of samples and software instruments.

I hope to be doing the full testing of my converters over the weekend.


Stop press: Great news my converters work, but this Free Version is seriously limiting and currently incompatible:

iPad 4 - Error Message Loading Mavericks Garageband Song

If you want to share your Mac Garageband songs with your iPad etc you'll need to install and work with an older version of Garageband i.e. Garageband 11 version 6

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