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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Fixing Garageband 8-bit Error Audio Files - continued

A number of people have contacted me recently to try the fixed1t fixer which was created initially as a part of a suite of Garageband programs.  As part of the suit all users became aware of the need to perform a Save As on the Garageband file and save it as an archive, by ticking the archive box.

However new users, weren't aware of this, if you don't archive you don't export the audio files.  A good indicator of this is if the file is less than 5 meg, the it has no audio files.

Therefore users of the Trial 8-bit fixer need to do this, here is a blog entry I did specifically to address this issue:

It is also important, especially with the newer version of garageband to identify the damaged files, and as Apple have move to an all 'AIFF' design then the fixed1t datalister does an excellent job at spotting and displaying them

Regards Malcolm

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