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Tuesday 28 May 2013

Using Garageband Archived Samples on a Roland MC-808 Groovebox Sampler


I've created a new video to demonstrate how the samples in my Garageband song created collaboratively using sample loops of Sweet Home Alabama on a mac and an ipad Garageband can be easily converted into a series of Roland MC-808 compatible sample loops and transferred quickly onto the MC-808.

1. The song is put together collaboratively using Garageband on the Mac and iPad

2. The samples are then extracted from the song using the fixed1t Garageband Archive audio sample extractor

The samples are then reviewed to check their type using the fixed1t audio samples data lister

The Samples are then converted into WAV, little endian files and renamed in line with the MC-808 fast sample loading convention, using the fixed1t Garageband to MC-808 sample convertor.

The video then shows you have to get the samples quickly onto the MC-808 and play them.

To obtain trial version of the software used in this video go to the fixed1t software page at:

Please rate the video and leave comments.

Cheers fixed1t

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