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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Building a song with Mac and iPad Garageband

I've put together a new video showing how and mac Garageband user and an iPad Garageband user can collaborate.  

Another benefit of the converter is that the samples on the iPad are limited in number, but any sample placed in a song and then converted to the ipad can be copied from that song into another song, so your daughter could load up a whole pile of sample in a dummy song which her sister could then also access on the ipad.  Thats what I did with this video.

Four Tracks on the iPad

Four Tracks in Mac Garageband

I hope you find it useful, it would be good if all of you could rate the video if you find it useful.

However, you don't have to stick composing with just Garageband, with a few of the fixed1t software tools its possible to easily extract the samples from your Garageband song and convert and export them to a hardware sampler.  The youtube video linked below shows you how this was done using the Roland MC-808 Groovebox Sampler.

Cheers fixed1t


  1. How do I get the convertor?
    And another Question do you think this would work with an iPod running GarageBand?
    Also can this be used with MIDI tracks?

    1. Hi Robert,

      I've just tested it on a 4th Generation iPod Touch 32g and an iPhone 4 with no problems. With regards to midi they are also converted over, the converter takes the complete song, thats the beauty and simplicity of it.

      I've wondered why people have asked about midi then looked again at my jazzi archive sond and realised I'd deleted the midi on this version before making the demo.

      I've just added some midi tracks and will put up another couple of videos over the next few days, if you find them useful please comment on them and give them a thumbs up.

      I've attached a 3 day trial of the converter in my email reply, for the iPod I recommend selecting the iPad2 in the converter, most of all don't forget to save as archive your songs before running the convertor on them or it will get to the iPod or iPad but have nothing in it.

      Regards Malcolm (aka fixed1t)

      You can purchase the software on my fixed1t website:



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