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Saturday, 9 March 2013

fixed1t Audio File Analyser with Dialogue Display

 How to look inside audio, sample and loop files on the Apple Mac to make sampling and mashups easier to put together.

Making music using samples is getting easier, but one of the things that slows up the process and also the various pieces of software and hardware, is the size and type of the samples used. The size of the sample file effects its speed at loading and may take up valuable storage space. Stereo samples are also much larger than mono samples but often have effects applied which is why you would use them as stereo files. Also some platforms i.e. the Windows PC platforms or ported windows software will sometimes only work with WAV files, and these are also the files they Mac users often share with PC based musicians when collaborating. The types of files are shown below.

In reality is a quagmire which musicians can slide into with creativity dissappearing in the process. This is has been a nuisance to me personally in my development of a range of low cost Garageband tools, so i decided not to keep using large programs to open and review file details and to creat my own.

I have created the fixed1t audio file analyser program enable users to analyse Mac audio, sample and loop files and see the results instantly. Double clicking on the analyser pops up the Choose a file window (shown above).

Selecting the aif converted Garageband loop file:

Downtempo Sexy Guitar 01.aif

Instantly pops up with a Dialogue Window showing the details of the file.

This program was created as part of the fixed1t suite of Apple Garageband helpful tools to ensure that composers can concentrate on composing rather than file editing. There is a simple tutorial video avialable on the fixed1t youtube site.

Information on obtaining a trial copy of the analyser is on the fixed1t website:

fixed1t audio file analyser

Cheers fixed1t

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