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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Well there are quite a few views of the converter and 1 buy.  It may have been better but eBay had stopped purchases because I hadn't selected a post courier or postal price for my free download delivery of the software. Bizarre.

Please if you try the converter and it does what it says for you, please come back and leave a note even if you don't want to buy it. :-)

I'm now working on a new Application for Garageband users like me which I hope to have  finished for the weekend.

Cheers fixed1t


  1. I was able to buy the software after getting in touch as eBay wouldn't let me buy at first. Thank you for sorting things so quickly, everything works as its supposed too, really simple actually. Without this converter I was stuck in a one way street, now I can move a song back and forth between my iPad and Mac as I choose fit.

    1. Mr Jones there is a new version out which I will send you that now works with the iPad mini for even more flexibility.

      Cheers fixed1t

  2. Mr Jones, its been great to do business with you and thanks for being the 1st to purchase the converter, I'm hoping to get a few more.

    I've been over looking at your blog and the 8 bit Atari and other Bluetooth Midi mods you've been doing are stunning. Real professional looking stuff, I'll be subscribing to your blogs.

    I tried to post the link to this blog on the Apple forum where loads of others are struggling with this lack of converter problem, but its been rejected by Apple as my reply features a link to the solution. LOL now I understand why I have never been able to find any straight forward fixes on the Apple site to anything and people say things like, try this i think it should work but I haven't tried it myself. It appears they don't allow fixes.

    I'll keep you informed on my next Garageband Application which is about ready to go. This solves another major hassle for Garageband users, and hopefully for you too. As you purchased the first converter I will send you the other App for free.

    Also I bumped, literally, into an old friend of yours in Hong Kong and took his picture, he wouldn't chat as he was busy being a human statue, I'll post his picture.

    Cheers fixed1t


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